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A Social Glass

Sure, wine is fine to have alone, but it is a much greater experience when shared with others.


“Beer is made by men, wine by God.” ~ Martin Luther


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Wine Guide

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Explore all aspects of the wine experience from wine varieties and regions, tasting etiquette, and links to resources and articles of interest.


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Enjoy these reviews of wines made for both tastings and full bottle experiences. Please remember all are based on personal taste.

Local Venues

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Several “CU” (Champaign-Urbana) area establishments have regular wine related events or specials.  This is a listing of some of those venues.


Here you can find information on wine events from the CU area, state, and beyond.


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Enjoy this collection of photos taken of various vineyards, wineries, events, or other experiences along the wine trail.

Wine Trails

Wine trails are located all over the country.  These groups of wineries help provide a guide for us to explore and expand our wine experiences. Check out the wine trails by state, along with links to many other wineries in each state.