Region: Santa Rosa, California

Don’t try to find other wines under this label; there aren’t any The winemakers refer to this as a “project”, and it is very unique.  I have searched and nowhere can I find the actual varietal blend for this wine, but the grapes come from the both the cooler California Central Coast, as well as the warmer interior regions of Sonoma County, Lake County, and Yolo County. What makes it really unique is the fact that part of the wine is aged for three months in bourbon barrels. The barrels originated in a Kentiucky bourbon distillery and where moved to California where the winemaking took place. This wine is medium-bodied, with a deep red, opaque color.  It has aromas of black cherry, spice, and vanilla, but there is a smokiness that carries into the flavors of blackberry, coffee, and toffee. 13.2% ABV.  The finish is very smooth and long. I really enjoyed this wine and will definitely look for it again.