2014 SterlingVintner's Collection Merlot

Region: Central Coast, California

Variety: Merlot
Color: Dark Purple
Body: Medium Plus
Smell: Blackberry, Black Cherry, Earthy tones, Cedar
Taste: Blackberry, Cherry, Plum, Cedar, Spices
Acidity: Low
Tannin: Medium
Alcohol: 13.5% ABV

This Merlot is very dry, dense, and juicy. Sterling Vineyards started in the 1960s and released their first vintage-dated Merlot in 1969, at a time when this variety had typically been used for blending.  The grapes used in this vintage/collection come from throughout the Central Coast region in California, but the majority come from the vines planted in the deeper soils of the valley floor.  This contributes to the ripe, juicy, and richness on the palate.  This wine is excellent and at a great price.