Region: Južnoslovenská, Slovakia

Variety: Alibernet
Color: Deep Ruby Red
Body: Medium Plus
Smell: Cherry, Chocolate
Taste: Sour Cherry, Red Berries, Dark Chocolate
Acidity: Medium
Tannin: Medium
Alcohol: 13.5% ABV

This is the second bottle of wine I have had hand delivered to me from Slovakia. I’m not only recommending it because my son and his wife brought it back from their recent travel there, but because it truly is a very nice wine. I was not familiar with the Alibernet variety of grape, so it makes the experience even better. The variety was developed in 1950 in Odessa in the former Soviet Union by crossing Alicante Henri Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon. “Barrique” found in the name actually means barrel, and more specifically the most common type and size (229 liters, 59 gallons) of aging barrel. The size of the barrel is important, as the ratio of barrel surface area to wine volume determines the amount of oak that gets translated into the wine. In the case of this wine, the oak produces the chocolate aromas and flavors found.  This wine has a bit of tartness to it, but it is fine with the fruity berry flavors, and hints of chocolate, and when left to breathe for a while I even had aromas of red licorice.