2016 Vigneti Di Foscarino Soave Classico Photo

Region: Soave Venito, Italy

Variety: Garganega
Color: Deep Yellow
Body: Full
Aromas: Wildflowers, Honey, Honeysuckle
Flavor Profile: Honey, Ripe Pears, Hints of Apricot 
Acidity: Medium-High
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

I was not familiar with the Garganega variety before trying this wine, but will certainly be trying many more as this is now one of my favorite whites. This is an absolutely luscious and enjoyable wine. It is full-bodied and dry and very easy to drink with a long and clean finish. I noticed nice flavors of ripe pears that over the palate transformed into a smooth blend of honey and apricot.

This wine is produced from old vines, more than 40 years old from southeastern exposed vineyards in the small mountains called Monte Foscarino. Here the basaltic-volcanic soil gives the Soave wines their unique features. Fermentation takes place in used oak barrels. Prior to racking, batonnage (stirring settled lees back into wine) is carried out every six weeks for about six months. It is then stored six months in stainless steel vats. Although great right now, this wine has aging potential of 10-15 years.

The following information regarding this wine’s label comes from the Inama website:
“The label depicts two heads inspired by those initially drawn by the English architect Inigo Jones (1573 – 1652), one of the first Englishmen to study architecture in Italy under Andrea Palladio in Vicenza for many years. This is another “concept” label that has taken on such importance it has become the company logo: the expression of two faces, which originally referred to love, represent the two faces of wine, the sacred and meditative one on the right and the more profane, and inebriated one on the left. Wine, perfect representation of the mankind’s essence, according to the conditions, can be sacred or Bacchanalesque.”

— Scott Morris