2016 Montecariano Valpocella Classico

Region: Valpolicella Classico DOC; Veneto, Italy

Variety: Corvina and Corvinone 65%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara, Teroldego 10%
Color: Ruby Red
Body: Medium-Light
Aromas: Red cherry, raspberry, cranberry, with some violet.
Flavor Profile: Tart cherry fruit, cranberry, blackberry, earth.
Tannins: Medium
Acidity: Medium-High
Alcohol: 12-13% ABV

The major percentage of Corvina in this wine contributes to the higher acidity and tartness of the fruit. There is still a slight sweetness that helps balance this out. There is also an earthiness that provides a long mineral finish. 

Harvested in late September, the grapes are gently destemmed and crushed, and are then placed in stainless steel tanks where they are continuously pressed and oxygenated for about 12 days with remontage, which is  the process of pumping red wine up from the bottom of the tank and over the top of the fermenting must; the purpose is to submerge the skins and push the carbon dioxide to the surface of the must and released. In addition, delastage  fermentation is used to gently extract phenolic compounds by oxygenating the juice to produce a softer, less astringent wine exhibiting more fruit character. This results in a lower concentration of tannins.  All fermenation is completed at a controlled temperature of from 18°-24° C.  Maturation is in steel tank for 6 months using the batonnage technique, and then aged 2 months in the bottle.

These techniques all contribute to an easy to drink wine that is lighter than expected with a blend or fruitiness, sweetness, and earthiness.