Wine Shop Female Customer

It’s always great to run across a bargain when purchasing wine.  I don’t mean buying the cheapest wine you can, but instead finding big discounts on better quality and premium wines.  Here are a few things that I do to maximum my savings whether purchasing one bottle or when my cooler gets low.  I’ll show you an example that recently saved me 38% on a purchase of 10 bottles of wine.

Local Shopping Discounts

The first thing to do is check out local wine shops or liquor stores that have memberships.  Many times these memberships not only provide social media information on their products and events, but they also include benefits such as exclusive discounts or a free bottle once you purchase a certain number of bottles. Some supermarkets also provide a discount if you purchase a certain number of bottles at one time.

Websites & Apps

Some wine shops and liquor stores have websites and/or apps that you can use on your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop to register for an account.  These sites are most beneficial if they actually have the store’s inventory that can be searched and the ability to save what you find to a shopping list.

In my area, the perfect example is Binny’s Beverage Depot.  I use their website to search for wines, and it tells me if they have a selection in stock or if it is available in other locations (outside Champaign, IL). The website and app allows me to setup multiple shopping lists and save wines I find to any list for future use. They constantly have sales, of which some are exclusive to their “Binny’s Card” holders.

There are also several apps available that allow you to receive points or cash back on purchases from various online and in-store retailers. The one that I use is Ibotta.  This app allows me to view wines from several national retailers, “any liquor store”, “any restaurants”, and other sources.  You can select specific wines within the app, purchase the wine in the store, take a photo of your receipt, and receive cash back typically from $1.00 – $3.00 per bottle.

How I saved 38% on one purchase…

I have now used a combination of my Binny’s Beverage Depot account and Ibotta app many times to save a great deal of money, especially when making a large purchase of wine.

First, I search the Ibotta app to see what wines are available for cash back.  I then search Binny’s website to see if those wines are in stock.  I save the website link to each wine in a list in their app labelled as “Ibotta”.  I then go to the store and select those specific wines.  Many times they are already on sale.  When I go home I use the Ibotta app to pick which wines I purchased and take a photo of my receipt. The cash back is then credited to my account and can later be transferred to my PayPal account.

This combination once provided me a 15% discount ($18) off $120 for 10 bottles of wine as a Binny’s cardholder in the store. Then when I submitted my receipt in the Ibotta app, I received $28 cash back. The average cost per bottle was around $7.40 instead of $12.00. 

There are many such ways that you can use to maximize your discounts on wine purchases. It takes a little research, but each dollar you save can be used for the purchase of another bottle!