Stella Rosa Platinum NV Photo

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Color: Light Straw Yellow
Body: Full; Semi-sweet, Semi-sparkling
Aromas: Green Apple, Citrus
Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Vanilla, Elderflower
Acidity: High
Alcohol: 5.5% ABV

This is a NV (non-vintage) wine. That means that the grapes did not come from a single vintage (year). In addition, this is a white blend of multiple varieties of grapes. Being full-bodied, semi-sweet, semi-sparkling, and with a low alcohol content it is perfect for sipping chilled on a hot day or serving with fresh fruits, spicy foods, cheese, and desserts.

It is produced in Piedmont, Italy,  in the small village of Santo Stefano Belbo, by the Riboli Family of the San Antonio Winery (Los Angeles, CA). The grapes are harvested, pressed, centrifuged (sealed and sediment separated), and then held as juice at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The juice is fermented at various intervals throughout the year, allowing the wine to remain fresh and delicate. The juice is fermented in Charmat-style, pressurized tanks where as the alcohol is created, so is the carbonation. Once the desired sweetness is achieved, the wine is centrifuged again and bottled.

The flavors of crisp green apple are very distinct, much more so than any wine I have previously had with that same description. This along with the citrus tones and the light carbonation make this an excellent wine.